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Photography for ANTIKO.

A collaborative and experimental form of journalism founded by me and Antonia Luxem. An amalgam of media tools - photo, video, sound, writing. We offer a variety of perceptive-sunglasses.


Photography for NO SPITTING.

An exploration of every council estate within Tower Hamlets, each synthesised through a series of photography and video. 



2012: MA Digital Journalism, Goldsmiths University of London

2009: MA Media and Communication Management, GIPA

Marika was born in Georgia and is a photographer and a visual storyteller based in London. She has always been interested in visual media as a way of storytelling. This interest evolved gradually while working as a photojournalist at a weekly news magazine in Georgia more than ten years ago, and developed while studying and working as a photo editor. Marika made her first short fiction film in 2017 and decided to approach photography differently - exploring its artistic side and shooting analogue. She is currently working on the series of nudes - Being Loved Isn’t Easy For You. The series is a combination of abstract images and portraits which acts like a screen - a metaphor for her own feelings about her body. Alongside the nudes series, she is developing a side project where she uses photography as a medium to find a way to blur the line between gender signifiers. She is trying to understand what features have previously defined us and our gender and then shoot photos that do not convey these dividing lines between “her” and “him”.