I look from my window. I stand in the same spot and I wait. This is my microcosm, micro-London. 


Frame in a Frame is a long-term series of photographs shot from my bedroom window, which overlooks a housing estate in Hackney. Here I become witness to a spinning wheel of gang fights, children playing, break-ups, and passionate kisses. Life happens here.


At a glance, this is a dull space but here I have seen beauty and witnessed the diversity of everyday lives. Life crashes in on the grounds of this estate from all angles. Through the glass of my window it reflects back the many faces of our community. 


Over the past four years I have been a voyeur of this place, observing and capturing these moments. This is what I saw.


after party.

a breakup. end of story. 

©2020 Marika Kochiashvili.